Team Coaching

For C-suite and other critical teams, team coaching instills the practices and behaviors of effective teams and creates focus on the team’s objectives. Results are faster decisions, commitment to execution and exceptional outcomes along with a great team experience for its members.

Leader Coaching

A leader’s job is tougher than ever before. Coaching supports an executive in becoming the highest and best leader they can be. As leaders gain an appreciation for their strengths and opportunities for growth by working with their coach, they make changes and grow. A coach is a critical accountability partner to catalyze and accelerate a leader’s growth.

Teaming Culture

For the post-command and control organization having high performing teams is not enough. More agile ways of working demand a culture where teams can form, execute and then dissolve — a more active and flexible approach to teamwork. This approach to culture busts silos and ends turf wars while accelerating execution.

We’ve worked with Mary for over a decade. She’s led strategy sessions with our investment teams, partner offsites, and provided ongoing coaching for our portfolio company executives. The results are swift and tangible: our teams perform better, faster, and stronger after each interaction.

Randy Guttman
CFO & General Partner, JMI Equity